Dryingcabinet - Ultra- Dryingcabinets

In all areas of industry, laboratory and research these cabinets are used for drying products.

The conventional drying cabinet, sometimes also called a hot-air dryer, takes ambient air and heat it up to reduce the relative humidity. This air is mixed with the hot air in the cabinet and the humidity is removed from your product. The amount of exhaust air corresponds to the air intake.

Ultra- drying cabinets (U- Dry) work independent from the ambient air and its humidity. This approach is dedicated to the high quality drying of electronic components (IPC / JEDEC 033 A) and all plastics, which are not suitable for a hot- air dryer.

All our products are equipped with the following features:


Stainless steel working volume


heated by stainless steel pipe heaters in the cross flow of the air circulation turbine


powerful air circulation motor and turbine


horizontal air circulation with wall preheating


electronic control with high- class PID- controller with self- tuning


high- class PT 100- sensing device with 3- wire technique


temperature limiter according EN 60519-2, class 2, to abjustably protect your product


Our three basic product-lines are designated for
a max. temperature up to 250°C,  400°C or 650°C.

If explosive solvent are evaporating, the process needs to be handled with care, because these solvents can explode close to a hot surface. Here we distinguish between laquer drying cabinets according to EN 1539 / BGV D 24 and the EX- proofed cabinets.
More can be found through the link EX- proofed.

Drying-Cabinet     Ultra-Drying-Cabinet Ultra-Drying-Cabinet

Drying-Cabinet 400 H

Ultra-Drying-Cabinet 400 L

U-Dry 2600 L



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