patented by Dr.-Ing. Arthur Hofmann

Our famous electric laboratory burner:
A glowing stream of air as a universal source of heat.

clean and odorless working in regular atmosphere

no carbon black and no chemical reduction of the flame

homogeneous heating without peaks and overheating

no dangers because of flames, explosion and toxication by gas

Operated "stand allone"
or with glass support and/or power-regulator

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heating cabinet

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Stack made of heat- resistant, acid- resistant and lye- resistant ceramic material with a full aperture with a diameter of 38 mm
Enclosed heating system design, insensitive to overflowing fluid.

After the heat-up the stack is inside red hot and a strong stream of hot air emerges at the top.

There is no limitation on the working time as long as needed. The unit can be easily switched on and off by the shock- proofed plug with included toggle switch or using the power regulator.

A square tube on the inside of the stack, made of heat- resistant and acid- resistant alloy, serves as a heat exchanger and is electrically isolated.

Just connect it to the electrical plug in the laboratory.

Flasks and dishes can be put straight on the 6 small elevation on the top of the stack. Additionally we have a glass support, shown below.

overall- size  17cm or 6.6" in height
base diameter is 12.5 cm or 5"
power rating is approx. 590 W at 230 V


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to the Electrical Laboratory Burner

Glass support - Grid
with protective grid

protection against contact

made out of stainless steel


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Glas support - improved
special design

for advanced protection against contact

made out of stainless steel

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HORO-power regulator   new design
used as a power supply unit for the Electrical Laboratory Burner

nominal power of the power regulator 1000 W

controls the burner power between 0 and 100%

no switch- on peaks because of the Softstarting

optimized power demand and allocation.

Other power controllers commercially available are not suitable!

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The Electrical- Laboratory- Burner is solely sold through the Lab services. Commercial customers with a demand of more than 10 pieces are wellcomed to get in contact with us.

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