Laquer drying cabinets and ex-proofed heating cabinets

Explosives need spezial care, because for an explosion you need three things:


— a concentration of explosives as gas, fog, vapour or dust
— some oxygen, as in the air
— a source of ignition


Hot surfaces, electrostatic charging, sparks, mechanical strokes or friction are among others such sources of ignition. So there are many sources of ignition in a heating cabinet and these need to be considered and modified to avoid any dangerous situation.

We look for solutions to have a safe operation of the heating and drying cabinets.

Laquer drying cabinets according to EN 1539 / BGV D 24 are suitable to work with small amounts of explosive vapour and gases. The primary explosion protection used is limiting the concentration of the explosive vapour and gases.

EX- proofed heating cabinets are needed in case larger amounts of explosive vapour and gases are present or if the cabinet is placed in an atmosphere related to zone 1 or zone 2. We have the following basic types:

EX- proofed working volume inside of the heating cabinet installed in a harmless ambient.

Installation inside EX- zone 2 or EX- zone 1 with the electronic control outside of EX- zone 2. This is an economic version which does not need any additional measures for the switch cabinet outside. The EX- protection is only needed for the components of the heating cabinet.

Installation inside EX- zone 2 or EX- zone 1 with integrated control as a compact version or if the area of EX- Zone 2 is extensive.


Laquer drying cabinet Ex- proofed heating cabinet ex proof heating chamber

627 AL-EX

4256 ALL-BGL

200 AL-IEX


Laquer drying cabinet

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