Humidification chambers - conditioning cabinets

...are cabinets or chambers used in nearly all areas of industry, laboratory or research for increasing the humidity in the product as well as defined drying of the product, not too fast and not too slow. The active humidity control is used to increase the humidity in the cabinet by adding humidity at an elevated temperature and the relative humidity is controlled to its set value of the closed control loop.
This type of cabinet is used as a conditioning chamber often for plastic treatment to reach the asymptotic behaviour of the product w.r.t. the humidity.


To have a controlled drying speed for the products the humidity cabinet is used with active humidity control and well-defined adding of humidity. For some products with a very high level of moisture no additional humidity is needed and in this case we speak about a passive humidity control.


humidification chamber
conditioning cabinet

the osmosis - processor integrated in a:

conditioning cabinet 4500 L

humidification chamber
conditioning cabinet

Humidification cabinet 1800 L

conditioning cabinet 2500 L


condition chambers

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