Types of loading

A variety of possibilities!
Your requirements and your product are the focus of our conception. Our design is adapted to your applications. The goal is to optimize your process, optimal loading, easy handling to improve efficiency.




base plate design


Skid for lifting and moving



Roll- in version


fully accessible


up to 120° / 180°


insulated floor




Roll- in version


accessible with a trolly


up to 250° / 300°


additional insulation

- convection at the side, control side right



Roll- in old version

- accessible with a trolly
- up to 250° / 300°
- additional insulation


Drive through

- doors in the front and back
- without groundplate / floor
- up to 80°


Tunnel type

- preheating
- curing / hardening
- cooling down
- in line production


Tunnel type

- with curtains
- with
2 temperature zones
- high number of pieces



- loaded with the crane
- doors with gas dampers



Cabinet on wheels

- mounted on wheels
- always at the correct spot


sliding door to the top

for loading


for integration in a

prouduction line

- without colliding doors


manual Lift gate

- with balance weight
- steel tray on wheels


Cabinet 16,2 m3

- roll- in version
- pneumatic operated door


Rotary indexing table

- loading in the front
- removal in the front
- heat shield by curtains
- service from the top


Two seperatly controllable flapgates

Two additional sliding doors in side wall

pass - through type

- loading in the front
- removal in the back
- separation betw. non- steril / steril
- separation betw. non- clean / clean


Cabinet with telescopic slides






 Wärmekammern EX

Tell us your needs and we look for the best solutions.

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