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heating cabinet

for heating, drying, humidification,
conditioning, cooling and more


suitable for explosive steam and vapours also for use in ex-areas


customized solutions w.r.t. heating, drying, humidifying and data aquisition and control

... and the unique

E-burner for the laboratory

Geometry and equipment specifically for your application. Dimensions and geometries to meet your requirements. Affordable, robust and durable quality!


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HORO GmbH products made in germany

Our products combine economical and reliable features and these advantages are honoured by many international customers with very different applications. Aside the standard geometry we offer for a different applications a suitable configuration for optimal usage.

We are specialized to optimize your process and your demands are our challenge.

We combine Know How with grown experience and we are willing to face new challenges through your whole project: starting with the conception, continuing with the  commissioning and start up and not ending with all the questions following these steps.

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HORO SERIAL TYPES: Heating Cabinets IG (= Industry)

Design:Reinforced steel sheet on the outside (galvanically zinc-plated) 3-fold enamelled light hammer gray (special colours on request), alternatively stainless steel M.No. 1.4301. Inside stainless steel M.No. 1.4301 or SS 304 is used or alternative materials specified by the customer 1.4571 etc.

Heating: The electrical heating is by closed tubular heating elements made of stainless steel, surrounded by air flowing at high speed and high turbulence in cross-flow and it delivers the heat without delay to the cabinet air. Altematively steam or hot water heating by finned tubes in crossflow with high k value.

Temperature values: Range 50 to 250°C, or 50 to 400°C, or 50 to 650°C or according to specification. Control accuracy with electronic PID control +/- 0.5%, temperature distribution in the useful space approx. +/-2% or +/- 1 % or even lower, as agreed by the partners.

V- Temperature control: Temperature is controlled according to our (fully automatic) two loop principle. According to this, additional heating is switched in on heating up and batch changing so that the working temperature is reached again within a few minutes. This automatic system is achieved by 2 independent temperature control loops, one as a two-point controller and the other as a PID- controller.

Cirulating air – fresh air: Horizontally, mean flow velocity (according to requirements up to 6 m/sec. Produces a short heating up time, uniform temperature distribution and rapid heating of the product. The fresh air addition and thus the exhaust air are variable. Highly turbulent mixing of circulation air and fresh air in the pre chamber downstream of the circulation turbine before the heating elements.

Drier acc to BGV D24 or EN 1539: These guidelines of the professional associations refer essentially to the content of solvent vapours being limited to a permissible degree by addition of fresh air. If the circulation air fails, the heating must switch off automatically, etc.

Trays: Shelf runners fixed with approx. 15 cm height distance or arbitrary subdivision. Trays made of perforated plate according to application. Alternatively wire grating shelves or drawers made of angle iron for holding 2 or 4 wire Orating shelves in each case, e.g. for small parts.

Our serial range is extended extensively by special designs for individual requirements. The rich experience of our engineers will help you in finding optimum solutions.

Variation possibilities:
Changes of dimensions: in height, width and depth
Trays: every type of construction, also roller tracks for heavy loads
Shelf runners: arbitrary arrangement, design as telescopic rails
Doors: 1- or 2-wing door or folding.
Outside: colour on request or stainless steel
Leadthroughs: size and position on request - lockable
Temperature control: choice between all modem control systems, also programmable Air circulation systems: gas-tight design, air filters, increased fresh and exhaust air quantity
Heating medium: steam or hot water
Fast cooling: water or fresh air filtered
Different constructions:
Driers according to BGV D24 / EN 1539, large sterilizers as batch or drive-through version Clean room appliances: (for electronics industry) - Clean room: e.g. for large printing plates Tunnel furnaces for conveyor operation - Large heating chambers accessible up to 15 m3 contents - Drawer cabinets with tight slide-in units according to BGV D24 / EN 1539 (e.g. for printing plates) - Glass drying cabinet model Hoechst, contents 7001 - Ex cabinets.
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