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About HORO Dr. Hofmann GmbH

Since more than 75 years we produce and distribute our heating, drying and humidification cabinets, as a small cabinet for the laboratory or the big one for your production. HORO Dr. Hofmann GmbH is the most innovative producer of heating cabinets:

We will find a solution for you!

Using our long- time experience, combined with the solid grown Know How we reached a prominent position as a competent partner with respect to heat treatment and drying.

We supply since decades directly or through our partners world wide. In all continents our products are working since many years for our satisfied customers.

The optimal adaption of the heating or drying cabinet to your production and work flow is important and will give you the best benefit.
How do we achieve this: We have a short decision making process and a direct communication, internally and with our customers.

We have a very large in-house production depth and that´s why we can modify our components to your needs.

We never say no! We are innovative and if needed we will look for a non- conventional solution for you.