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Cold chambers and cold cabinets for industry and laboratories from HORO.

Wherever it is important to cool down or keep products cool in the process, our cooling chambers and cabinets are an ideal choice: We offer – as with the other products in our portfolio – basic configuration for all cooling chambers and cabinets that can be optimally adapted for your purposes.


Basic configuration and customised design for your cooling needs in production and laboratories

Freely selectable temperature ranges

The final configuration of your cooling chamber or cabinet depends on the task you want it to fulfil optimally. Our systems are equipped as standard with cooling down to -20 degrees Celsius and heating up to 120 degrees Celsius. Of course, we can also implement other temperature ranges on almost any scale for your application.

From small cooling cabinet and inline cooling system to cooling chamber with drivable floor

The construction of your system is fully tailored to your needs: We can build a small cooling cabinet with your desired features as well as a floor-level cooling chamber with drivable floor, or we can design and manufacture a fully integrated cooling system for your production line, for example as a continuous tunnel with conveyor units between the infeed and outfeed areas. On request, all solutions can also be integrated into an Industry 4.0 environment with digital control.


Cooling with refrigerant or evaporative cooling

In addition to conventional cooling with a refrigeration cycle, we can also offer the much simpler evaporative cooling design. This design is usually very compact and the higher operating costs of this technology fade into the background if the cooling is only rarely needed.


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