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Controlled process: humidification chambers & conditioning chambers from HORO._Headerbild

Controlled process: humidification chambers & conditioning chambers from HORO.

To maintain material properties, it is often essential to preserve the moisture in a product, even in thermal processes: Humidification and conditioning chambers make exactly that possible. They allow the moisture content to be maintained at the desired level despite heating in a cabinet or chamber.


Ensure consistent quality, precisely control moisture content

Humidification chambers or conditioning chambers are, for example, often used in plastics processing. With them, moisture control is still possible even at elevated chamber temperatures. Very moist products are thus dried in a targeted manner, preventing them from drying out too quickly. In this way, mechanical and geometric properties in the product are maintained to ensure a safe process flow or to prevent warpage.

Without humidification, a product – depending on the season – absorbs moisture very slowly or unevenly until asymptotic material behaviour is achieved. In production, however, process reliability is important; parts must always have the same material properties in order to achieve consistent quality throughout, regardless of the season and storage time.

With the humidification chamber, the material is brought to its desired water content, preferably to the natural content.


Basic configuration and individual design

As in all product areas around tempering and climate chambers for industry and laboratories, we can offer you a perfect basis for your optimal conditioning chamber with a solid basic construction with many advantages:

  • Inner housing made of stainless steel for easy cleaning, resistant to aggressive materials
  • Heating via tubular heating elements in the cross-flow of the circulating air turbines
  • Powerful air circulation turbines and motors
  • Horizontal air circulation, with wall preheating
  • Electronic control via high-quality PID controllers with self-optimisation
  • High-quality PT 100 sensors in 3-wire connection
  • Temperature limiter according to EN 60519-2, class 2, for product protection

In addition, you can choose from a variety of options, which design and features you need:

  • Standard version with chamber mounted on skids with floor clearance.
  • Level with the floor: drivable floor without a step (up to 250 degrees Celsius possible)
  • Pass-through: chamber without its own floor plate, heatable up to 80 degrees Celsius
  • Pass-through tunnel: As stand-alone solution
  • Pass-through chamber with strip curtain: easy to integrate into your production line
  • Top loader: chamber with large opening at the top for easy loading by crane
  • Chamber on rollers: mobile and flexible use, loading inside with roller conveyors
  • Lift and slide doors for easy loading, can be easily integrated into a transport line
  • Lifting door with counterweight for easy opening
  • Large conditioning chamber, floor-level access, pneumatic lift-swing door
  • Separately controllable door flaps for different humidity zones
  • Additional side feed openings
  • Pass-through for product sterilisation with trays
  • Telescopic pull-out rails for trays
  • Pull-out drawers with telescopic rails


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