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The optimum heating chamber or your ideal heating cabinet - HORO has it._Headerbild

The optimum heating chamber or your ideal heating cabinet - HORO has it.

The right temperature for your process

Reaching clearly defined temperatures quickly and maintaining them reliably: This is the main task that heating cabinets and chambers have to fulfil in a wide variety of applications. At HORO, we map exactly what you need for your heating application in industry, in the laboratory or in research, based on decades of experience:

  • Rapid attainment of the desired temperature
  • Reliable maintenance of the temperature required for the process
  • Uniform temperature distribution
  • Optimum load carrying ability and volume for your needs


Your heating cabinet, your heating chamber: individually configured for you

Starting from a basic configuration in size and features, there are almost infinite number of variations and special features possible to build the ideal heating cabinet or heating chamber tailored to your needs. We can also offer you an inner housing design that is set up to meet a wide variety of needs. The basic configuration of our heating cabinets and chambers offers you:

  • Stainless steel inner housing
  • Heating via stainless steel pipe heaters in the cross flow of the air circulation turbine
  • Powerful air circulation turbines and motors
  • Horizontal air circulation, with preheating of the walls
  • Electronic temperature control with high- quality PID- controllers
  • High-quality PT 100 sensors in 3-wire connection
  • Temperature limiter according to EN 60519-2, class 2 to protect your product

We basically offer three series, which differ in their maximum temperature. The maximum temperature is up to 250 degrees Celsius, up to 400 degrees Celsius and up to 650 degrees Celsius.

From floor-level drive-in possibilities for large objects such as drums, to the installation of guide rails for trolleys with smaller parts, a lot is possible. The following construction types and features are available as some of the possible variants:

  • Standard: construction of the heating chamber on skids with floor clearance
  • Drivable floor: accessible without steps (up to 250 degrees Celsius possible)
  • Pass-through: heating chamber without its own floor plate, up to 80 degrees Celsius
  • Pass-through tunnel: stand-alone solution for preheating, curing
  • Continuous oven with strip curtain: can be integrated into your production line, for preheating, curing
  • Top loader: heating chamber with large opening at the top
  • Chamber on rollers: mobile and flexible use, loading inside with roller conveyors
  • Lift and slide doors for loading: can be integrated in a transport line
  • Lifting door with counterweight: for easier opening
  • Large heating chamber: for example in a version with 16 square metres, floor-level access, pneumatic lift-swing door
  • Separately controllable door flaps: for example for drying cabinet
  • Additional side loading openings
  • Pass-through: for product sterilization with trays
  • Telescopic pull-out rails for shelves
  • Pull-out drawers with telescopic slides


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