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The alternative to the Bunsen burner: The laboratory electric burner from HORO._Headerbild

The alternative to the Bunsen burner: The laboratory electric burner from HORO.

The versatile, safe alternative to the Bunsen burner: instead of a gas connection as with the Bunsen burner, which brings its own risks (unintentional gas leakage, risk of explosion), you simply use a normal socket. The electric laboratory burner generates a glowing stream of air as a universally usable heat source in the laboratory.


The advantages of the electric burner at a glance: safe, clean, can be used anywhere

Compared to the gas-powered Bunsen burner, our electric burner offers distinct advantages that make it the superior alternative in the laboratory environment:

  • clean and odorless working in a normal atmosphere
  • no soot and no reducing flame effect
  • uniform heating, no local overheating
  • no risk of fire, explosion or poisoning due to escaping gas
  • Can be used anywhere thanks to simple mains connection to a 220 volt socket

Basically, the electric laboratory burner can be used as a stand-alone unit or together with a stand and/or heat output regulator for stepless heat regulation.


The electric burner at a glance: the technical features

The laboratory electric burner is constructed as follows:

  • Stack made of heat-, acid- and alkali-resistant ceramic material with continuous opening, diameter 38 mm.
  • Enclosed heating system design, thus insensitive to overflowing fluid.
  • After a short heating time, the inside of the stack is red hot and a strong stream of hot air emerges at the top.
  • There is no limitation on the working time as long as needed. The unit can be easily switched on and off by the shock- proofed plug with included toggle switch or using the power regulator.
  • A square tube on the inside of the stack, made of heat- resistant and acid- resistant alloy, serves as a heat exchanger and is electrically isolated.
  • Just connect it to the electrical plug in the laboratory.
  • Flasks and dishes can be put straight on the 6 small elevation on the top of the stack. Additionally we have a glass support, shown below.
  • overall- size 17cm or 6.6″ in height
  • base diameter is 12.5 cm or 5″
  • power rating is 811 W/230 V/50 Hz

    Optional accessories: perfect work in the laboratory

    The following accessories are currently available for the laboratory electric burner:

    • Stainless steel stand with contact protection – for safe placement of flasks and dishes in the heat stream.
    • Safety stand – increased contact protection made of stainless steel
    • HORO-power regulator – control unit for the Electrical Laboratory Burner: nominal power of the power regulator 1000 W: controls the burner power between 0 and 100%. No power-on spikes thanks to soft start for optimum power consumption and output. Please note: other power controllers commercially available are not suitable!


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