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Data recording, remote supervision and remote control

We offer you either integrated into our heating and drying cabinets or as a add-on to your machine control a complete, simple operated system for data acquisition, data storage, remote supervision and remote control.

  • Continuous remote supervision and data recording
  • Automatic storage of the data on your computer system or on the existing Backup- System
  • Individual recording of the data (long and short range storage)
  • Continuous remote supervision of a machine
  • Remote control of a machine
  • Simple operation through the Internet Explorer
  • Simple integration into your in Ethernet

The system is flexibly to be adopted to your needs. Ask us and we will incorporate your ideas in our proven system.

remote control and supervision

program defaults and simulation

evaluation with office programs

Which service do we offer

  • Construction of a complete switching cabinet or just expanding your control
  • Integration of your machine into the Ethernet and into the world wide web
  • Rcording of any continuous parameter of your machine: pressure, temperature, speed and others
  • ording of any switching, error or operating status

Discuss with us your needs and we will offer an economic, individual und uncomplex solution.