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HORO heating cabinets with vacuum system

Vacuum heating ovens or vacuum chambers are used as an alternative to autoclaves in industry, for example for laminating and gluing. For this, the product to be processed is placed in a vacuum bag in the vacuum chambers and baked there in a vacuum at a controlled temperature.

The vacuum heating chamber is the right choice for gentle drying of heat- and oxygen-sensitive materials in industry, such as electronic components, cosmetics, foodstuffs and, for example, the restoration of old papers and books.


Vacuum heating chambers: These are the advantages

  • Vacuum heating chambers from HORO combine a whole range of advantages – and you can choose your own configuration. For example, our vacuum heating chambers allow …
  • … easy access to the product through openings of your choice
  • … visual inspection during the process via large viewing panels
  • … fast evacuation for a short cycle time
  • … very good heat transfer to the product due to optimum heating
  • … for exothermic reactions, the component temperature can be measured and also controlled.

So you have real advantages in the process with our vacuum heating chambers and vacuum heating cabinets.


Get to know your options around our vacuum heating chambers

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