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History and Developments since 1945

Right after World War II in 1945 the company HORO Dr. Hofmann GmbH was founded by Dr. Ing. Arthur Hofmann and his brother-in-law Gerhard Roth. The trade mark HORO is the combination of the two family names Hofmann and Roth.

In the first years the repair of electrical equipment was the main task. There was a big need because many things were destroyed and damaged in the war. Pretty early Dr. Hofmann started to develop new electrical equipment and customized solution, fitting them to the needs of the customers.

At this time the first heating and drying cabinets were build. The product developement was a challenge to Dr.-Ing. Hofmann and many developments lead into a granted patent. One example is our unique electric laboratory burner, which is still produced and sold.

In the 50s the convenience food heater and the deep fryer were developed and introduced in the market. The convenience food heater was optimized for warming up and keeping warm of meals, optimized for canteens. Also here HORO Dr. Hofmann GmbH started as the first one in a new market.
The deep fryer found its way into the german kitchens together with the French fries. Our products are used mainly in gastronomy by professionals and many of them are still in operation.

In the 60s the production in Esslingen / Neckar was to small and the present building was erected. So we moved 1969 to our new home in Nellingen aside the street to Denkendorf. Now it looked like, there was always sufficient space for growth.

In the 60s and 70s the colour TV was introduced. We integrated heating cabinets to the production lines to achieve the highest levels of quality. In the 80s more and more electronic components were used in the automotive industries. Our heating cabinets provided the constant and high qualities of these components for a long product life-time.

In the 90s the plastic, automation industries and the surface technology gave strong impulses to the market. Sophisticated plastic parts replaced many expensive metal parts, not only in automotive, but in all industries, including the medical technology. The surface technology achieved more durable coatings and material behaviour. We hat our share in these new developments.
Again, after some years of growth, the building was too small and 1999 the build was extended and a big part of the production area got an additional floor on top. In 2004 Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Bosch took over the company from the founding family.

In the new century the solar industry, the wind power and the power distribution boosted the economy and we participated with our products.

For sure there will be some new challenges in this and the next decade and we will act responsible.

In the meantime the following new technologies have been developed:
The U-Dry- ultra drying cabinets, the humidification cabinets, the vacuum heating cabinets and the modern data acquisition systems.

Development of the K-Dry and U-Dry series in optimized form:
Prohibition of lead-containing solder as a trigger, for drying electronic components and hygroscopic materials.