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Our products: Heating cabinets, cooling chambers, drying cabinets and conditioning chambers_Headerbild

Our products: Heating cabinets, cooling chambers, drying cabinets and conditioning chambers

We manufacture cabinets and chambers for the use of specific temperature in processes for industry, laboratory applications and research: special designs according to your requirements are our standard!

In addition to a wide range of temperature ranges, we offer countless combinations of closure and loading options, optimal temperature distribution and control, reliable temperature stability and, of course, sophisticated integration into your systems – both at the level of digital control for Industry 4.0 applications and integration into manufacturing processes.


Heating, cooling, humidity: versatile applications in industry and laboratories.

HORO units are used in a wide range of environments and applications, and that’s why the basic equipment of our cabinets and chambers is always designed to be robust and durable. Our heating and cooling units have been used in these applications for decades:

  • Heating and tempering
  • Cooling
  • Humidifying and conditioning
  • Drying

The use of our products takes place in virtually all areas:

  • Research and development
  • Laboratory
  • Workshop
  • Series production
  • Prototyping

These are the areas where heat, cold and humidity play an important role for analysis or production. Find out here about our range of products and services and get familiar with what we can do for you.


Our products at a glance

Heating chambers and heating cabinets

Heat products or samples quickly and efficiently to precisely defined temperatures and benefit from our intelligent air recirculation and control solutions – also with full digital integration on request. Learn more

Drying cabinets and drying chambers

Optimal performance for your product drying requirements: From moderate and gradual drying performance to drying even dripping wet parts, we offer an interesting range! Learn more

Explosion-proof drying chambers and paint drying cabinets

When explosive vapors or gases may be generated during drying, we offer the right drying cabinets and chambers: Careful design and construction without the risk of ignition sparks – this is ideal for drying paints and other processes. Learn more

Cooling chambers and cabinets

The controlled cooling of samples or products in particular is a crucial step in many processes. With our cooling chambers and cabinets, this can be achieved in a variety of designs – just the way you need it. Learn more

Humidification and conditioning chambers

The right climate for your process: Only through the targeted control of humidity during drying or heating are the desired results possible in many areas. Our conditioning chambers make this possible! Learn more

Vacuum heating chambers and cabinets

It works better without air: For objects to be heated that tend to oxidize, vacuum is the optimal solution for a heating process. Easily achieve the desired results with our vacuum heating chambers. Learn more

Electric burner instead of Bunsen burner

Get to know our product with significantly more safety and reliability for the heating process in the laboratory: the electric burner that does not have the risks of gas and can be used universally. Learn more


Would you like our support in selecting the right HORO product?

With so many options in our product list, it’s easy to lose sight of the optimal solution. That’s why we’re happy to provide you with advice: simply describe your challenge to us. Together with you, we will look at the most important key data and propose a solution that not only fits well within your budget, but also with your current and future tasks. Let’s just get into the conversation!

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